Our Goals

The goals of the South Dakota Waterfowl Association


Increase hunting opportunity by stopping commercialization of waterfowl hunting

Commercial waterfowl operators lease the best hunting opportunities for their paying customers, excluding the ordinary resident hunter


Increase resident opportunity by reducing the number of nonresident waterfowl hunters

  1. Eliminate all three-day waterfowl licenses with the exception of 500 that are restricted to private land in the Missouri River unit
  2. Limit the number of 10-day nonresident licenses each year to eight percent of the average number of resident waterfowl licenses sold in the prior three-years. (This change would make nonresident waterfowl licenses consistent with nonresident big game licenses.)


Increase opportunity through a statewide GF&P plan to maximize physical access for waterfowl hunters

This should be done on state game production areas, walk-in areas, conservation reserve enhancement program areas, cooperative hunting access areas, controlled hunting access program areas, waterfowl production areas and school and public lands


Increase opportunity by making an increase in hunting opportunity a larger component in GF&P decisions to purchase or lease land


Make an increase of 25 percent in resident waterfowl hunters over the next 10 years a goal of the GF&P department which, using the 8 percent formula, would also increase the number of nonresident licenses