President’s message – George Vandel, Pierre
March 4, 2020

SB 150, the bill to increase nonresident waterfowl hunting opportunity was passed by the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee Tuesday.  Although disappointing, it was no surprise.  SB 150 was on the House floor agenda for this afternoon but they didn’t get to it.  It will likely be up tomorrow afternoon.

The purpose of this note is to once again ask that if you haven’t already, contact your representatives tonight or tomorrow and ask them to vote no. The vote is going to be close and I don’t know if we will win.  Some folks tell me it will pass and some aren’t sure.  So, this is my last request for your help and action.  Thanks. 

Below are some taking points:

  • According to GF&P, we are losing nearly 600 resident waterfowl hunters each year
  • Incredibly, GF&P’s response to this dramatic loss is to increase the number of nonresident waterfowl hunting days
  • GF&P projects SB 150 will increase the number of days nonresidents will hunt waterfowl by as much as 3,775 days
  • GF&P’s bill gives no consideration to commensurate increases in opportunity for residents
  • The bill makes no effort to address the dramatic loss in resident duck hunters, who are as much as three times as valuable to South Dakota’s main street as nonresidents.

How to contact your Legislator:

Go to  http://sdlegislature.gov/Legislators/ContactLegislator.aspx?Session=2020 this will pull up all members of the House and Senate simply click on the Legislator you want your message sent to and create or paste your message.

Call or text me at 605-295-2880 or e-mail me direct at gvan3@pie.midco.net if you have questions.

Our main issues 1) expand and increase quality waterfowl hunting access opportunities in South Dakota 2) maintain quality waterfowl hunting in our state by balancing nonresident waterfowl hunter numbers such that they not create undue conflicts with resident waterfowl hunters and 3) ensure that commercialization of waterfowl hunting in South Dakota remains low.

Board: John Simpson – Pierre, Spencer Vaa – Brookings, Tom Yseth – Brookings and Bill Koupal – Pierre.  Bobby Cox will serve as Secretary Treasurer and Chuck Dieter will serve as Past-president.