President’s message – George Vandel, Pierre
February 18, 2020

SB 150, the bill to significantly increase nonresident waterfowl hunting opportunity was approved in Committee this am.  That sucked.  But – the good news – you are making a difference.  Many Committee members commented that they have been contacted on this issue and that they are concerned about the impact this bill has on resident waterfowl hunters.  It was a very close vote – a vote to kill the bill failed by one vote and the vote to send the bill on to the Senate floor passed by one vote.  It’s actually pretty rare for a bill to get killed in Committee when the Chair is the primary sponsor. At least one committee member, during the discussion, indicated he was willing to vote yes in Committee but would likely vote no on the floor.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to contact the Committee.  I think we have enough momentum to kill this bill on the Senate floor.  It might be up as soon as tomorrow.

Take the time to contact your individual Senator, the one representing your district, and ask them to vote NO on SB 150.  I think we can get it done if enough Senators hear from you.

How to contact your Legislator:

Go to   http://sdlegislature.gov/Legislators/ContactLegislator.aspx?Session=2020 this will pull up all members of the House and Senate simply click on the Legislator you want your message sent to and create or paste your message.

So, thanks again – your contact efforts are making a difference – please keep it up.  Contact your senator today.

Just a reminder – I have included a file for you to use when contacting legislators. Click here to download/view document (pdf).   It has two sections. The first are points to make in 30 seconds – in a brief phone call, e-mail or text.  The second is to use if you go to a local cracker barrel and/or you have more time for a detailed discussion.  A word of advice, feel free to let them know you are mad about this bill just please don’t act mad.  Be blunt but polite.  Do not cut and paste these points – try to put them in your own words and individualize each response.

Call or text me at 605-295-2880 or e-mail me direct at gvan3@pie.midco.net if you have questions.

Our main issues 1) expand and increase quality waterfowl hunting access opportunities in South Dakota 2) maintain quality waterfowl hunting in our state by balancing nonresident waterfowl hunter numbers such that they not create undue conflicts with resident waterfowl hunters and 3) ensure that commercialization of waterfowl hunting in South Dakota remains low.

Board: John Simpson – Pierre, Spencer Vaa – Brookings, Tom Yseth – Brookings and Bill Koupal – Pierre.  Bobby Cox will serve as Secretary Treasurer and Chuck Dieter will serve as Past-president.