President’s Message- Cody Warner

May 2023 Commission Meeting (Custer) – GFP Proposal to Increase Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses by 5%

Greetings SDWA members,

As promised, attached are the links to the current meeting.  I highly recommend submitting a public comment to let the Commission your stance.  The link to where you can submit public comment is below:

If you feel like speaking to the Commission you have that ability as well.  I feel this certainly lets them know your stance.  I certainly hope that they review all the public comments but we cannot be sure.  According to the agenda, the opportunity will be at 3 pm CST on Thursday.  The directions and link to the ZOOM meeting are below:

Public Input: To provide comments, join the meeting in person, via zoom, or via conference call per the info above. To conduct the public hearing and/or open forum as efficiently as possible we ask those wishing to testify to register by 1:00 pm CT by email to should provide their full names, whom they are representing, city of residence, and which proposed topic they will be addressing.

ZOOM Link:

Below is the link to the GFP Commissioner’s:

Commission Contacts | South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (

I’d like to conclude this alert with an overall message regarding nonresident waterfowl license issues and the GFP Commission.  In reality, I certainly believe that this will be a really difficult proposal to defeat.  I believe this has a lot of GFP staff (and possible Governor’s office) backing.  However, I hope that we don’t sit back and let what we have slip away.  If we don’t speak up we’ll be the only ones to blame for not standing up against this.

Any questions, please let me know.  Thanks, Cody